Ethical Is Chique

"Business needs to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve" Ratan Tata - Indian businessman and chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons

For no matter what we achieve, if we don’t spend the vast majority of our time with people we love and respect, we cannot possibly have a great life. But if we spend the vast majority of our time with people we love and respect – people we really enjoy being on the bus with and who will never disappoint us – then we will almost certainly have a great life, no matter where the bus goes. The people we interviewed from the good-to-great companies clearly loved what they did, largely because they loved who they did it with. – Jim Collins – Built to Last

Welcome to Ethical Manufacturing! Every day at OpenHand shapes our purpose and mission and reveals areas that need change. It’s a slow process.

We believe a garment made well sits great on the body and if made ethically it is a perfect fit for both mind and soul.The same with every cup of coffee we serve: it tastes better if made by content staff in a friendly environment.

We spend a great deal of time to make sure our staff to the best of our ability are well taken care of. Happy staff make happy products and happy products sell well to happy customers.
Our aim therefore is that both our staff and our clients will benefit from the work we do.
We want to be known for our generosity. We want to change first and then bring change to the world around us.

You are invited to be part of this process of change when you visit our stores, drink a cup of coffee or soon order our products online because being ethical is chique.

Be the change with us.