What We Make

"To succeed it is necessary to accept the world as it is and rise above it " Michael Korda

Soon we will launch our online retail store. Keep an eye out for us! Below more info on what we do.


OpenHand Cafes & Shops

First of all Great Coffee!!

Stop by for espresso based coffee at one of our cafes or come over for a meal served by our pleasant staff. At our stores you will find great products for sale too which are made in-house by our manufacturing unit in Delhi. You can smell our home baked cakes from far and soon we’ll be serving homemade ice cream as well. In Leh our meals consist of organic veggies, true to the spirit of Ladakh where nature still rules.

open hand products

OpenHand Manufacturing

We produce!

On the outskirts of the Old City in Delhi lies our manufacturing unit dedicated to making custom made products, much of it from recycled or overrun materials, a small but significant contribution to production waste management in a city and trade that needs it desperately.

We welcome you to Paharganj! This part of Old Delhi has been producing & trading for many years and is famous for its wide variety of crafts and products. Join the hustle and bustle of Main Bazaar that smells of leather and is lined with shops trading colourful scarves, copper wares, brightly coloured clothes and hippie wares.

When in Delhi stop by for a cup of chai at our factory and meet the people that make this happen.

OpenHand Care

We Care!

As a for-profit company we do our best to help non-profits around us. By contributing either time, money or knowledge we attempt to help where we can. OpenHand is involved in the Care Centre in Varanasi under the care of Rahul Jaguasi which provides meals, education and basic needs to children abandoned at the Central Station. We are providing assistance to the Udaya Income Generating Project in Varanasi, who helps and trains survivors of honour killings – mostly women. Helping to refine their product line as well as retailing their products in our stores is one way in which we assist them, but by providing manufacturing space and technical assistance we found another meaningful way to support their work.
Currently we are assisting in setting up project in association with Shalom, an organisation working with all aspects of HIV including medical care, job creation, counselling, prevention and community development. The project will provide training and work to women from the slum areas and informal settlements in North Delhi.

This is not enough. This is but the beginning. The need dictates more involvement from our side and hopefully those around us.

Export & Shipping

We’ll get it to you.

OpenHand Manufacturing’s strength lies in our ability to produce custom made products as per client specifications. We handle all aspects of production from fabric procurement, embellishments, quality control and shipping. Our staff has extensive training in quality control and production fluidity, assuring that we work on a high level of finishing in a timely manner.
We handle both larger and smaller orders.
Because OpenHand operates on fair trade principles our company’s products are particularly attractive to a growing socially conscious customer segment in the West and in a growing way in Asia as well. Customers are becoming more aware of the exploitation in the textile industry and are seeking ‘clean’ products made in a ‘clean’ production line.

open hand products

OpenHand Design

Custom Made Products.

OpenHand not only provides customized product design along with our design & production team, but we also encourage our customers to be part of the manufacturing & shipping process, honoring your input and preferences from production to landing in port.
As part of production we provide export & shipping services, handling your shipment from door to door and port to port.
We handle on behalf of our clients all tags, branding, packaging, shipping bills and tracking of shipments.

If you design, source or trade textiles, clothing, accessories and home furnishings OpenHand provides a platform from which you can develop product ranges along with our in-house team of design and textile gurus who will provide you professional assistance and advice.

Contact us to see how we can help you ship your consignments and containers with ease.
For more information about production, shipping or export please contact us at info@openhand.in