Why Coffee ?

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

Open Hand Cafés & Bistros

open hand cafes and shops

We hope that visiting our cafés and Shops will feel like walking into your own home. Our staff are friendly and helpful, our interiors relaxed and laid back. Feel welcome and make yourself at home!

More about our cafés:

The products offered at OpenHand Cafés and Bistros cater to Western tastes, and include hot and cold beverages, baked goods, and meals. These offerings are continuously customized based on customer preference, and vary based on store location and market. All cafes also offer free wireless internet access to customers.

Hot and cold beverages include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milkshakes, smoothies, juices, and sodas. OpenHand coffee is hand-made and unique and is the main reason why some customers frequent OpenHand Shops. OpenHand has developed its own medium dark roast espresso blend, using the best Arabica and Robusta blends available in India. Also unique to OpenHand is the signature “Rooibos” drink, forming a bridge between teas and coffees and available in cranberry and spice cappuccino flavors, and both hot and cold. Also available is organic coffee and health drinks; beverages can be converted into low fat, low calorie drinks. Soon, OpenHand Shops will also be serving fresh squeezed fruit juices.

Baked goods include fresh breads, cakes, muffins, sweet pastries, pies, and a variety of cookies and desserts. An array of breakfast options are available, as well as light and main meals. Sandwiches are prepared to taste from bread and we serve delicious panini’s too. Other light meals offered are salads, pastas, and wraps. Also available are yoghurt, frozen yoghurt, and ice cream treats. All dishes are made from fresh ingredients, rather than from frozen or pre-packaged ingredients and therefore may take a little more time to prepare.

Let’s not talk food any more! Why don’t you come over to sample our coffees and baked goods?