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Soon we'll deliver our products to your door. Yes, right to your door. Keep an eye out for us as good quality ethically produced goods are coming your way!

Designers and Fashion Designers


Let’s Work Together! For custom made products you’ve come to the right place. If you are a designer, retailer or supplier you’ve arrived at your destination.

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Produce With Us…

Coffee Snobs!

Ok, be honest, we gaught you. Coffee is a drug, a warm delicious drug and you are hooked on the stuff. Best to visit one of our cafes to keep you topped up on good coffee.

Smell The Coffee?

We Care

We Care.

The people we work with are all OpenHand is about. We hope to tell the stories of those that work with us.

People Profit!

Get Involved With Open Hand

Get Involved.

We need orders so if you know of any company or retailer that may be interested in producing with us we would love a reference from you. Lots of OpenHand Brownie points coming your way!

Get Brownie Points

Only FOUR simple steps to manufacture with OpenHand. We explain them below (note carefully):

manufacturing with open hand india
connect with open hand india
manufacturing process at open hand india
happy customers at open hand india

It’s actually quite simple!